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Chopin / Book and CD Rzeczpospolita Edition - 2010 Poland What was the real Fryderyk Chopin like? How his great talent was born, what inspired him? Which events were linked to his most moving compositions? All these questions, and more are answered in the collector's series published by Rzeczpospolita newspaper in the Chopin Year (2010). Fifteen lavishly illustrated books together with 30 CDs which contain the complete works by our genius composer in the sensational interpretation by Idil Biret. These recordings were distinguished at the International Record Competition with a Grand Prix du Disque Frederic Chopin (Warsaw 1995). In recognition of the artistry of Idil Biret, the president of Poland Lech Kacznsky decorated her (in 2007) with the Cross of the Order of Merit (Krzyzem Kawalerskim Ordera Zaslugi) of the Republic of Poland for her part in promoting Polish culture with her recordings and concert performances of Chopin’s music.

1) Cudowne dziecko Etudes Opp. 10 and 25

2) Na europejskich salonach Polonaise Opp. 26, 40, 44, 53, 61 Andante Spianato et Polonaise Op. 22 Impromptu Op. 36

3) Wielkie milosci Piano Concertos Opp. 11 and 21, Impromptus Opp. 51 and 66

4) Wsidlach sztuki Mazurkas Op. 6 to Op. 41 Scherzo Op. 40

5) Ojczyzna wieczna tesknota Sonatas Opp.4, 35, 58 Scherzo Op. 31

6) Geniusz prywatnie Nocturnes Op.9 to Op.48 Two Nocturnes Op. post.

7) W kregu przyjaciol Preludes Op. 28 and Op. 45 Barcarole Op.60, Bolero Op.49, II Bourres Wiosna,Album leaf, Fugue Op. post.Scherzos Opp.39, 54

8) Paryskie zycie Rondos Opp.1, 5, 16, 73 8 Mazurkas Op. post. 5 Variations

9) Muzyka romantyzmu Waltzes Op.18 to Op.64 Two Waltzes Op. post.

10) Wielki emigrant Waltzes Op.70, 6 Waltzes Op. post. Contredanse, 3 Ecossaises, Tarantelle Op.43

11) Przekleta choroba Ballades Op.23, 38, 47, 52 Berceuse Op.57, Trois nouvelle Etudes, Fantasy Op.49, Galop, Largo, Marche Funèbre, Cantabile Op. post.

12) Zakrety historii Fantasia on Polish Airs Op.13, Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Op.22, Variations from Mozart Op.2, Krakowiak Op.14, Polonaise Op. post.

13) Poeta fortepiano Mazurkas Op.41 to Op.63 8 Mazurkas Op. post..

14) W poszukiwaniu nuty doskonalej 8 Polonaises Op. post.

15) Mistrz wiecnie zywy Nocturnes Op.55 to Op.62 Nocturne Op. post.

Idil Biret’s recordings of the complete works of Chopin was issued attached to 15 books by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper in Poland / Wydawnictwa Narodowe (New media Concept) ISBN seru 9788376751290 Index S 256684
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